«Горки Город» и «Энергия Жизни» запустили программу по адаптивному горнолыжному туризму
«Горки Город» и «Энергия Жизни» запустили программу по адаптивному горнолыжному туризму

"Gorki Gorod" and "Life Energy" has launched a program for adaptive ski tourism

The resort "Gorki Gorod" together with ANO Center AFC, sport and tourism "Energy of Life" re-runs the program on adaptive tourism for people with disabilities through skiing.

Autonomous non-commercial organization Centre of Adaptive Physical culture, sport and tourism "Energy of Life" is an organization that provides a range of services sports and tourist character, aimed at the rehabilitation and adaptation to a normal social environment of people with disabilities. The experts of the program help children with such diagnoses as cerebral palsy, RACE, down syndrome, impaired vision and hearing and with other disabilities.

The Alpine ski lessons are held on the green slopes of the resort "Gorki Gorod" according to a specially developed proprietary methods with the use of Russian patented standing frames. All wards of the center employs instructors with experience not less than three years.

Practice shows that the skiing is having unconditional positive effect on children's health and improves the physical condition of each person. Workouts provide the switching of the emotional sphere on new objects in the external environment and contribute to the improvement, adaptation, and socialization in society.

At the end of the first lesson on the slope, accompanied by two instructors, children begin to perform the first independent exercises on skis (without support). Positive progress is visible not only physically, but also psychologically: children become more sociable, besides, smile often.

Project Manager Andrei Batalov: "I would like to thank the management and the administration of the resort "Gorki Gorod" for the opportunity to go on the ski slopes and resort workers: employees of the operating cable cars, security service for assistance in the organization of our program."

Contacts for more information on the program and on adaptive tourism : tel 8-928-449-55-25, srcenter@list.ruthe website sochi360.ru