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Мобильное приложениеМобильное приложение
Мобильное приложениеМобильное приложение

Mobile guide to the resort with a very convenient and useful interface is available for download now smartphones based on iOS and Android, it can be found on search: Slides of the town or the Gorky Gorod, or download links: Apple and Google.

It's not just beautiful and colorful soft. The main objective of the program — quickly and effectively solve the tasks of the users. The application is very simple, practical and functional.

The main sections:

A very important button "SOS". With its help, you can contact the emergency number and send a text its GPS coordinates.

Weather in three heights. +960 m, +1460м, +2200 m for 6 days. Shows the height of fresh snow, the height of the freezing level, wind, minimum and maximum temperature. Also available information on snow depth and degree of avalanche danger.

A GPS Map. Shows the current work status slopes and cable cars of the resort, the location of the guest on the map as well as the necessary infrastructure on the mountain.

Webcams. Broadcast video streams directly from the slopes in real-time.

Online store. Here you can buy ski passes or book a lesson with an instructor.

For those who like statistics and watching his opportunities on the mountain, in the section "Winter" is the option "Tracking". It can help to save your routes, results and share them with friends. Trekking designed for different types of activities and records distance, duration, altitude and speed.

In addition to the sports sections, there are "Resort", which contains information about what else, besides skiing, you can engage in Gorky Gorod: hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, Spa-zone, children's entertainment and a shopping centre.

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