Each guest of the resort "Gorki Gorod" ski pass during the high ski season, is now insured for 100 000 rubles.

Being on the slopes, tourists have to remember that skiing and snowboarding refers to extreme sports. This ski season of "Gorki Gorod" in cooperation with the insurance company "VSK" provide insurance to all visitors of the resort an Important advantage for riders who have chosen the ski resort "Gorki Gorod" is the fact that their life insurance and health already included in the price ski pass. In the insurance coverage included skiing and snowboarding. If the insured must obtain a certificate from a health worker ski area, confirming the occurrence of the insured event in the territory of "Gorki Gorod" and to call the insurance company. It is necessary to present purchased at the ticket office of the resort ski pass.


  • If the guest something happens on the mountain, he's on the phone the rescue service of the resort, which is specified on the ski pass/card of the resort/on infostand.
  • Rescuers come to the scene and, if necessary, take the guest down to the ambulance.
  • In the case of severe injuries the ambulance brings the guest to the hospital.
  • Hospital or any other med.the institution provides the conclusion.
  • With a package of documents specified in the memo guest ringing the insurance company and seek advice regarding insurance.

Insurance reimbursement is available at the address: Sochi branch of the Insurance House VSK - 354340, Russia, Sochi, street of Kuibyshev, 21 Phone: +7 800 100-00-50 ;+7 (495) 727-44-44 ; +7 (495) 785-27-76

The tracks and rescue workers

Safety of trails, from super-wide, gently sloping "green" preference of "red" slopes – everything is carefully and daily training and testing. Every night the resort snow-grooming operation is carried out on special machines – snowcat. Every morning before opening, experts of the avalanche service of the resort to inspect the track. All information about opening or closure of trails (or parts of them) provided to guests of the resort.

Private rescuers of the rescue service is always ready to provide prompt first aid and transport the injured or bring doctors to the scene.

The rescue service of the resort "Gorky Gorod" is marked on each ski pass. +7 928 294-17-12

Slopes and instructors

For the winter season from December to April on the slopes of organized work "Mountain patrol", which aims at curbing the illegal activities of instructors, maintenance of order, quick response and informing law enforcement agencies about offences on the roads.

Another obvious advantage of a ski infrastructure of the resort "Gorki Gorod" - a private instructor service. It was created primarily in order to improve the quality and safety of services provided. Certification guides and instructors - eligibility to work instructor. Instructor service of "Gorki Gorod" work only qualified.

Avalanches and weather

The resort "Gorky Gorod" has created its own avalanche service, which provides protection against avalanches on slopes and provides information about the avalanche risk off piste. Protects the ski resort and its infrastructure from avalanches efficient and safe system of initiation of snow avalanches gas guns "GAZEX", designated for the forced descent of avalanches from the area of their origin. The system of "GAZEX" provides control of dumping of snow from mountain slopes in small portions. Preventive treatment of slopes is anti-avalanche service of the resort "Gorki Gorod", usually at night or early in the morning when in the mountains there are people to ski slopes could be open by early afternoon. Current weather reports, avalanche risk is outside the prepared slopes, the snow, the forecast for the following days, all this information is available for all levels of ski slopes.