Hiking on ecological trails, implying a responsible visit to the untouched corners of nature.

Hiking trails in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana

In the summer season at our resort Gorky Gorod opened Hiking eco-trails for exploring inaccessible places in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana. Hiking trails located at an altitude of +960 meters to +2200 m above sea level.

Hidden behind the hills to the Alpine meadows where snow-white blooms of the rhododendron, the waterfalls Bear Policare now available to our guests thanks to the equipped trails.

Do I need any special equipment and physical training?

Without special equipment to admire the views of the Main Caucasian ridge you can climb the cable car. The fascinating panorama of Krasnaya Polyana and the mountain peaks will open on the highest point of our resort from the peak of the Black Pyramid (+2375 m).
Excursions to the waterfalls and walk among the flowering Alpine meadows do not require serious physical training, but it is accessible to any healthy person. Such a simple walk in the mountains, you can take the whole family, even with young children.

Route map / interativnaya card (available in season).

Before the walk, check the map and route description, which indicates the complexity and time passing. For once you can go through several routes, for example, walk in the zone Circus 2, residual forest and reach the waterfall Policare. The route through Alpine meadows can be combined with a walk to the waterfall in the zone Circus 2.

How to get to the route?

For rise of the eco-trails must be purchased at the ticket office of the resort pass (ski pass) for the cable car up to the corresponding mark.

Visit the eco-trails for free. Mode of operation: 10:00 — 18:00


Before the visit to the eco paths are urged to read the rules, which are posted on our website.
You will need: comfortable trekking or sport shoes, Hiking sticks for more complex routes, sunglasses, hat, sun cream, flask or bottle with drinking water.

Attached files

Ecotrail "Alpine meadows" +2200 m

Height: +1900 m / +2200 m
Length: 3000 m
Elevation: 150 m
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: high

The Alpine meadows is part of the National Park of Sochi. In addition to plants on the route of the route you can find the ancient araguari, inherited from the early middle ages. These buildings are of rough stones bore the function of paddocks for livestock, which is grazed hill tribes. On the map resort, there are designations with the location azangaro.

To get to the start of the campaign, you must first take a cable car at around +2200 m above sea level. Further, from the upper cable car station, follow the signs "eco-route: Alpine meadows". You must consider the weather conditions and bring warm clothing and rainproof coats. The route is equipped with two gazebos, where you can rest, eat or shelter from the weather.

A walk along the full route to the pavilion at the Aibga ridge and back takes from half, to two hours, depending on the time you spend on the rest between transitions. In addition to this time put about an hour total time for ascent and descent by cable car.

Attention on route! About the end of the route you will be informed of the signs with the warning to go further and the rules of stay in the border area (in accordance with the requirements of the order of FSB of Russia from 15.10.2012 No. 515 "On approval of Rules of a frontier regime", being in the border zone of Russian citizens is possible only with a passport. Foreign citizens have the right to stay in the border zone only with a passport and ticket).


The eco-route "the Waterfall" +2050 m

Height: +1970 m / +2050 m
Length: 500 m
Elevation: 80 m
Time: 0.5 hours
Difficulty: medium

The eco-route to the waterfall is located close to the unique climate zone Circus 2. To see a waterfall only in the summer when the melting of heavy snow. Melt water is the basis of the natural object. In the area of the route is located the beautiful valley of rhododendrons. Route is available to the public from June to October

During the walk you can get acquainted with rare species of plants, breathtaking panoramic views and fresh mountain air.

On the road with a unique view on the Main Caucasian ridge, blooming rhododendron and Alpine meadows will serve as a beautiful background for your photos.

Ecotrail "Relic forest" +1460 m

Height: +1400 +1500 m
Distance: 900 m
Difference in altitude: 50 m
Time: 0.5 hours
Difficulty: medium

The route runs in the middle mountain zone of beech forests. Clean air and a cozy gazebo for relaxing with panoramic views of the mountains. Here there are endemic plants of the Western Caucasus, which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Many of them are listed in the Red book of Russia.

There are various bonuses for which you can stay.

The first surprise — the bramble. For those who have decided to vary the routine of walking the walk of the Gorky Gorod resort in the summer stores in almost every corner of the woods, these juicy berries. They are delicious, clean, and most importantly useful. But you must be careful of the BlackBerry bushes with thorns (better grab a jacket), and she loves to grow on the slope, therefore it is necessary to look under feet not to fall.

The second bonus — the handiwork of man. To citizens it was not boring to walk through the woods, they made gazebos where you can have lunch, and left a wide hemp, on which you can rest. The complexity of this walking route is easy, accessible most hardened office workers.

And another bonus is the beautiful photos not only from relict forests, but also mountains in the background, or even from a bird's flight from the cabin lift.

The eco-route "Waterfall of Palikaria" +1450 m

Height: +1450 m / +1600 m
Length: 800 meters from K-13
Difference in altitude: 50 m
Time: 15-20 min one way
Difficulty: simple

Waterfall Palikara, colloquially known as "pants" for the forked shape is the highest waterfall on the territory of Sochi and Krasnodar territory, and one of the highest in Europe. The height of the waterfall is approximately 70 meters and is Situated in the zone of subalpine meadows at elevation between 1450 m and 1600 m vertically and to the left of the cable car To-13, on the slope of the Aibga ridge. Nearby is the snow that doesn't melt almost all the year round. Even in June and July near the waterfall Policare snow. Creek Rye, which forms a waterfall Palikara, derived from the snowfield at the Circus-3 and then flows into the river Mzymta.

The eco-route "Valley of Rhododendrons" +2370 m

Height: +2300 m / +2050 m
Distance: 800 m
Elevation: 325 m
Time: 30 minutes down
Difficulty: medium

Rhododendron is surrounded by myths and legends. According to one of the wood elves, escaping from the fire in the forest at the foot of the mountains, left their homes, climbing higher on the slopes. There they had long looked for a plant – house for the night. All plants refused to shelter the elves, citing the fact that they have become the habitat for other animals and hid them under his crown.

The elves were mad on plants and more on animals that preceded them. And only shrub rhododendron hosted the elves. For the fact that the plant gave the magical beings the shelter, the elves thanked him profusely not only luxurious flowers, but poisonous property to the Bush did not serve for the welfare of animals.

And we have a great opportunity to admire this beauty, rise or fall on the ecological trail "Valley of Rhododendrons".

Hiking trail to the peak of the Black Pyramid (+2375 m)

Height: +2320, m +2375 m
Length: 300 m
Time: 40 minutes
Difficulty: medium

For guests who prefer active rest in the summer in the mountains, or a scenic walking route to the highest point of the resort - the peak of the Black Pyramid of the Aibga ridge.

From the top of 2375 metres, offers stunning views of the valley of the Mzymta river, on the Olympic objects of the mountain cluster, in clear weather you can see the sea. We can confidently say that it is the best scenic lookout in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana.

The length of the route is 300 metres away. The Hiking time is 40 minutes. Difficulty – average. The route is accompanied by an instructor "Tirol club" in the mountain climbing insurance policy, protective helmet, laid safety ropes. The passage of the children is possible from the age of 10 accompanied by parents. To route the necessary comfortable clothing and athletic shoes.

Godovogo the cost of maintenance and equipment: 600 ₽.

Start: from the top chairlift station K-5 (area "Circus-2").

Phone instructor service: 8 865 93 938 93.

Rules of visiting of eco paths

Walking trails on the environmental mean responsible visit the untouched corners of nature.

  • It is forbidden to collect plants and wild herbs.
  • Prohibited bonfires.
  • It is forbidden to leave garbage on-site walking trails.
  • Traffic is prohibited outside of marked trails.
  • Prohibited children under 15 years old unless accompanied by adults.
  • The eco trail is located in the Alpine zone – you are kindly requested to refrain from walking for persons with contraindications to health such exercise.
  • Prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages and being in a state of intoxication (alcoholic, narcotic or other).
  • In case of deterioration of weather conditions you must immediately return to the cable car station.
  • Walking in the evening hours is strictly prohibited.

Remember when visiting the zone Circus 2 on that last descent from K-5 to 17:30, at K-4 to 18:00.