Фестиваль Week on Peak
Фестиваль Week on Peak

The atmosphere of the Alpine resorts 80 years

Festival "Week on Peak"

2 through March 9 at the resort will host the festival "Week on Peak" in the spirit of laid-back atmosphere of the Alpine resorts 80 years. Bright retro ski-suits and après-ski disco for grown-UPS.


Every day at different points of our resort will take place: exhibitions, video-screenings of European and Russian films, performances of professional athletes, sports courses and workshops, Amateur competitions with prizes, autograph session, school action photos and videos and much more. Will also be two separate areas under daily après ski.

For whom?⠀

For all of you! For skiers and snowboarders, families with children and large groups of friends, for those who only wanted to learn to ride for Pro riders.

How to get there?

A special bracelet party festival. Bracelet bangle party Week On Peak is a "skeleton key" and a pass to all events calendar: film screenings, master classes of professional photographers, videographers and sportsmen in the snow Park and at festival parties. Also the bracelet you have the opportunity to pass a unique four-day course "Evolution", and for children at the festival will be a special day program Snow Kids.

Bracelets will soon be available!

The cost of the bracelet members:

  • 1000 ₽ for one day of participation
  • 5000 ₽ for seven days of participation
  • 500₽ for children from 7 to 14 years for one day of participation

Discounts on bracelet:

  • 35% on ski passes
  • 20% on equipment rental
  • 30% on the bar at parties

If you have only a one-day or seasonal ski pass, you will be able to participate in the testing of skis and snowboards, ride in the snow Park, to see demonstrations and races, professional athletes, party.

Where to live?

Of course at our resort! When you purchase package offers with accommodation – a gift bracelet for 7 days + ski pass. To book your accommodation.

Sports locations

For lovers of ski and snowboard freestyle at the Circus-2 will run snow Park. For lovers of classic skiing and snowboarding carving a separate area. At the Circus-3 will be organized territory of the backcountry. The participants will be able to learn the jumps in the Park, carving and see how the pros do it at world level. To this end, alongside built jumps in the Park only for professionals and for Amateurs.


Sport. Training for adults and children

The unique training technique of carving and the sports of skiing and snowboarding, as well as basic freestyle — "Evolution.The carving and Evolution.Freestyle". Also, the program "Evolution.Children" — you just leave your child to us before your lessons and take after nachitavshis, fed and happy.


The course, which is suitable for novice riders, confident skiers and snowboarders, experts. The course is available to holders of a bracelet party festival.

EVO.СARVE1 — level for beginners.

You'll learn to ski confidently on blue and green trails with speed control.

EVO.CARVE2 — level riders, confidently skiing on a blue piste.

On the course you will receive knowledge that will bring you closer to the sports of skiing technique, keeping the rotation on the edges. You will learn how to ski on a red slope, try the basic techniques of skiing on unprepared slopes.

EVO.CARVE3 — level to experts.

If you ride confidently on red runs and want to master a sports technique of turns, then this is your level of "Evolution." You will learn to ski on black slopes, knolls, keeping the rotation on the edges.


The program is designed so that the most intense to take in the learning process and to the end of the course to see the evolution of your riding technique. Course duration 4 days 4 hours. Orientirueshsya for the weather.

On day 5 of "Evolution" you can take part in competitions between the participants of the course with the award winners. The time and place of start will be announced later.

COURSE PRICE: 15 000 ₽ | 4 days from 10:00 to 14:00. Will soon begin online sales.


EVO.FREE1 — you confidently ride through the slopes and want to try myself in the Park.

In 4 days you will learn to push off when you jump from a springboard, beautiful fly, and even how to fall correctly. You will be able to go to the switch, jump with small jumps, doing a minimal rotation and to control your body in the air.

EVO.FREE1 — you already jump off springboards, and even skate on the railing for a long time wanted to jump or a new trick to bring to perfection the old.

In 4 days you will learn the axial and off-axis rotation from 180 to 1080 degrees. You will begin to overcome fear and anxiety, learn how to prepare yourself for the desired trick physically and mentally.


Course duration 4 days. On day 5 of "Evolution|freestyle" you can take part in competitions between the participants of the course with the award winners. The time and place of start will be announced later.

COURSE fee: 15000₽ | 4 days from 10:00 to 14:00. Will soon begin online sales.

Afternoon lessons. If you have a question with regards to a particular gimmick or element, you can take the "Trainer for a day".
Every day in the Park will be on duty coach (ski/snowboard), who are happy to help you address one or another element, and to achieve the desired result!

COST 1 DAY: 4000₽ (3 hours).


For children there will be ski and snowboard courses full day events and animation. Ideal for active parents.

Parents can leave their children with a professional instructor and build your own sports program. All adult and children's courses are developed according to the mirror principle, when the children's classes start earlier and end later adult activities.

The ski course from the children's ski club QUIKSILVER.

  • 4 day group training on skis
  • Daily classes from 9:00 to 13:00
  • After school club in the game center "HALI GALI" to 16:30
  • For children from 4 to 14 years

Classes kids club are on different roads to the resort, depending on the level of training of children. For the little ones we organize a special program with a colorful and educational figures. The course is available to holders of a bracelet party festival.

The coaches of our club will pick up the equipment for the baby, will give a spare Balaclava and mittens, pulled up socks and correct pigtail. They drink water and reduce to a toilet, and, after the class will result in the Club and will help to change, I'll buy candy and spend in game center "HALI GALI", where kids will have dinner, rest and play, waiting for you!

COURSE PRICE: 17 600 ₽ | 4 days from 9:00 to 16:30. COST 1 DAY: 4 900 ₽. Will soon begin online sales.

Sport. The territory of the backcountry

During the festival the whole area of the resort will be given to the lovers of the backcountry, skiing tour and splitboarding.

Free test equipment

For 7 days, from 2 to 8 March, at the Circus-3 will undergo free tests kitoroga and splitboarding equipment from our partners – companies "Trajectory" and "alpindustriya", as well as tests friraydnyh ski and snowboard.

Experts of "Trajectory" and "Alpindustria" will tell about novelties of the industry, will be held a meeting with the guides "Yeti Guide Bureau".


Special avalanche training ground of the "Path" will be conducted daily classes on avalanche safety. Every day you can go ski touring and splitboarding with certified tour guides Association, mountain guides of Russia and the "Yeti Guide Bureau".


On March 8 scheduled Amateur competitions scaturo and splitboarding with prizes from partner companies.

For whom?

Avalanche classes and tests kitoroga splitboarding and equipment are free and available only to the holders of the bracelet of the participant of the festival "Week on Peak". Tests of skis and snowboards from "Alpindustria" and "Paths" are available to all guests of the resort.


2-7 March

  • 10:00-15:00 tests of skis and snowboards to all guests of the resort from "Alpindustria" and "Trajectory"
  • 10:00-11:00 avalanche classes with guides "Yeti Guide Bureau"
  • 11:15-12:15 Skitour/splitboarding at the Circus-3 with guides "Yeti Guide Bureau"
  • 12:30-13:30 avalanche classes with guides "Yeti Guide Bureau"
  • 13:45-14:45 ski touring/splitboarding with guides "Yeti Guide Bureau"

March 8

  • 10:00-15:00 tests of skis and snowboards to all guests of the resort from "Alpindustria" and "Trajectory"
  • 10:00-14:00 Amateur competitions sicuro/splitboarding with prizes from partner companies "Alpindustria" and "Paths".

*schedule is subject to change due to weather and snow conditions.

Art. Movie

At the festival we will show you films about wildlife, adventure, travel and the mountains. All films are shown in original language with Russian subtitles. The entrance is on the bracelets of the participants.

Wildlife, travel, sports. Location: Amphitheater (Slides Grand +960 m)

3 March 18:00

The Empire of Winds

The project will present its author and provider Thibaud Duchosal. If there's anything I've learned during my travels in Patagonia, is the fact that the wind is the master of this place. And everything will not go as you planned.

4 Mar 17:00

Would You from Jeremy Pancras

After a hard back injury at the competition, the French freestyle skier Jeremy Pancras is a long way of recovery to show the world what a true passion.


4 Mar 18:00

A Land Shaped by Woman

The film will be introduced by the project's Creator Anne-Flore Marxer. Two world champion on the freeride puteshestvuet in Iceland. Athletes explore and discover the country with the help of two sports that they are passionate about snowboarding and surfing. On their way they meet inspiring independent and happy Icelandic women, who believe in their dream.


5 Mar 16:00

Frozen Mind from Victor de Le Rue

Professional snowboarder from the Pyrenees has traveled the world, but only one special place on Earth inspires him more than anything else: Chamonix, France.


5 Mar 17:00

Ride The Planet: Abkhazia / Norway. Alter Ego / Very Bike Movie / With The Flow

All 4 films will present the project's Creator, Konstantin Galat and riders who participated in the filming. Russian independent author's project. Points on the route of the project is not typical and they are not in the top list of travel agencies. The choice of travel and filming is always dictated by the unique natural features, and cultural and ethnic value regions untouched by the tourist boom areas of the planet that has retained its naturalness.


6 Mar 16:00

Ode to Muir from TGR & Jeremy Jones

Professional snowboarder and adventurer Jeremy Jones and two-time Olympic champion Elena Hite sent a 60-km Hiking expedition into the valley of the John Muir national historic site in California. In the film, in all its splendor reveals the beauty and Majesty of the mountain range of Sierra Nevada.


6 Mar 17:30

In the Starlight from Mathieu Le Lay

In the darkest hours of the night, while the rest of the world is asleep, photographer Paul Zizka sent in a wild desert dunes of Namibia and the remote legnani Greenland in search of the starry sky.

7 Mar 18:00

Far Out from TGR

Athletes travel to one of the most remote and unexplored mountain ranges on the planet the Albanian Alps, then find themselves on a snow-covered mountain fields of British Columbia and the streets of Kamchatka.


March 8 18:00

Bears Of Kamchatka. The beginning of life from LESFILM

The film will be introduced by its creators: producer Irina Zhuravleva and main operator of the project Dmitry Shpilenok. About the project.

Seven months with bear families in the wild. This is a special picture that brings the viewer into the world of volcanoes, rivers and wildlife — a world where man plays the role of observer. The goal of the creators to immerse the audience into the atmosphere of natural balance, which is still preserved in protected areas.


7 March 17:00

Zabardast from Jérôme Tanon

Travel diary an incredible freeriding expedition to the heart of the Karakoram range. Search one of the most beautiful mountains on the planet for skiing at altitude +5880м. Within five weeks the crew plunged deep into Pakistan in a full offline mode, carrying full gear sled across giant glaciers. Away from home, with no margin for error.

Art. Photo and video

The festival will host an exhibition and master-class action photographer Stephen Godin and the master class documentary filmmaker Dmitry Shpilenok. Participation is free with a bracelet of the participant of the festival.

Stefan Godin is a French action photographer shooting wild and unspoilt mountain landscapes that obey only the most daring riders.

The exhibition of his photographs taken in the mountains, our resort will be held in different locations of the Lower and Upper town.

Dmitry Shpilenok is the main operator of the film "the Bears of Kamchatka. The beginning of life." The one who with a team of filmmakers spent the most time among the bears. The one who had to dig with equipment in the snow, hiding from the storm wind, to capture the unique footage of the first days of life the cubs after leaving the den.

Photographer Stéphane Godin (Stéphane Godin)

March 04, 15:30 – 17:00 Location: Amphitheater (Slides Grand 960)

Secrets of outdoor and action photography. Simultaneous translation of the meeting.

05 or 06 Mar

Master class on the slope. The place and time determined on the day before the master class. Stephen will show how he makes his pictures, share the secrets of shooting on a mobile phone and a professional camera, will give students assignments and will choose the best work at the meeting on 8 March. The authors of the best photos of the works will receive prizes.

08 Mar 16:00 – 17:00 Location: Amphitheater (Slides Grand 960)

Stefan will conduct an analysis of the works made by the students, will highlight the best and will award their authors prizes.

Documentary filmmaker and cameraman Dmitry Shpilenok

04 Mar 14:00 – 15:30 Location: Amphitheater (Slides Grand 960)

Master-class "How to capture on video the wild."

05 or 06 Mar

A master class in the mountains of the resort "Gorki Gorod". Place will be determined the day before the master class. Dmitry will give students assignments and will choose the best work at the meeting on 8 March. The authors of the best video works will receive prizes.

08 Mar 17:00 – 18:00 Location: Amphitheater (Slides Grand 960)

Dmitry will conduct an analysis of the works made by the students, will highlight the best and will award their authors prizes