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Горнолыжные школыГорнолыжные школы
Горнолыжные школыГорнолыжные школы

Our resort is different schools with different programs, choose any.

The main instructor of the service of the resort "Gorki Gorod"

The main instructor service resort "Gorky Gorod" is a well — coordinated team of professionals, thanks to which more than a thousand newcomers this season conquer the mountain.

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All of our instructors have been trained in specialized instructor schools. We employ only the best of the best were selected and the preseason. We are constantly improving in terms of skiing technique and teaching methods, trying to find an individual approach to each guest. When choosing a training program instructor also takes into account the physical and anthropometric data of each student. Available not only training programs for beginners, and lessons on improving riding technique for experienced skiers. Classes can be both group and individual.

The team has a versatile trainers that can help you learn to ski and snowboard without changing teachers.

For your convenience, the resort available to the individual portfolio of each instructor.


Tariffs for main services instructor services of resort "Gorky Gorod" in the winter season 2019

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Category of citizens

The spring season

(11.03.2019 for 31.05.2019)

Individual lesson (1 hour)


2 500 RUB.

Individual lesson (2 hours)



4 500 RUB.

Private lesson (3 hours)



6 600 RUB.

Two people (2 hours) price per group



5 400 RUB.

Two people (3 hours) price per group



8 000 RUB.

A group of 3 people (2 hours) price for 1 person.



1 800 RUB.

Personal guide (individual support on the day)



19, 000.


All prices are in roubles (including VAT at the rate determined in accordance with the current date to the current legislation of the Russian Federation on taxes and fees)

Special conditions

Tirol club


Instructors of school club Tirol - they are professionals with many years of teaching experience at numerous Russian and European resorts. For its guests the school has produced a variety of programs for individual and group learning skiing and snowboarding from one hour to the entire day. Hiking through the snowy woods on snowshoes. A picnic with a barbecue in the barbecue cabanas located on the waterfront of the resort overlooks the snow-capped peak of mount Black Pyramid, a perfect end to a perfect day.

For kids

Kids club kids club Tirol is a team of passionate instructors and teachers. Their main task is teaching children to ski and snowboard, individually and in groups. Organization of vacation and recreation for children from 4 years. You can enroll your child in groups with a duration of 1 hour, all day or in the children's ski Academy for 5 days. And of course we will find ski equipment and a mandatory helmet for your child. Each of the group programs includes one or two two-hour lessons with an instructor on a special children's academic side, equipped with a children's lift. The rest of the time the child painted by classes at the kids club depending on the selected program. The organization of child nutrition, extension of time spent in the club and organization of special classes for pre-order.

You can enjoy the resort while your child is in the campaigns of peers and experienced teachers, gaining new knowledge and pleasant experiences.

The school website tel: +7 (938) 865 93 93

Tariffs for the services of the Tirol Club

Tariffs for services Nirol Club for children

Quiksilver Ski school


Ski school Quiksilver New Star School - teaching skiing and snowboarding on the slopes and year-round mountain resort Gorki Gorod. Practice under the guidance of experienced instructors will help everyone who wants to master the technique of snowboarding and skiing, and programs specially designed for experienced skiers and snowboarders will improve riding skills and to achieve new successes in freestyle and freeride.


Children's ski club - daily individual and group lessons for children from 4 to 14 years. Professional baby instructors will make the learning process interesting and exciting lessons that will take care of your child before and after class, and will also help to pick up ski equipment and protection. Ride and grow with the Quiksilver New Star School.

The school website: Contacts: 8 800 550 12 13; 8 928 458 12 12.


Melmer Ski School


Champions of Russia among the instructors 2017. Our friendly, athletic and professional team, under the guidance of experienced Austrian trainers Svetlana Melmer, will open new vistas for you sure to possess the technique of skiing and snowboarding: right, safe, happy! We offer highly effective training program for each of its guests. Comfortable service "ALL INCLUSIVE" and VIP support. Unique group classes from 3 people. We stachem you in a place convenient for you, we give you bright emotions and guarantee success!


  • 3-day specialized courses in 3 and 2 hours a day
  • The development of basic skills and knowledge and overcome themselves
  • Control of speed and skiing games "Merry starts"
  • Individual approach to each child
  • The issue of the certificate, confirming completion of the training and gifts

For children from 5 years. Course starts every Monday and Thursday from 10:00 to 13:30 and from 13:30 to 15:30 pre-set (minimum 3 people).

We stachem you at +960 m from the ski lifts. the City of Gorki.

Contacts: 8 925 49 70 008, 8 416 988 53 00 school Website:

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