Instructors and guides

In summer, Tirol club is the main partner of the resort in the summer vacation for big and small guests of Krasnaya Polyana.

This year you can expect fun, active daily program of the summer holidays.

  • various trekking routes of varying difficulty and duration
  • Individual and group Nordic walking
  • Group and family games and quests
  • Excursions in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi and Abkhazia
  • A journey by Bicycle around the resort or prepared Cycling routes guide club
  • Tours on electric bicycles through the unique locations in Krasnaya Polyana
  • Climbing wall
  • Professional roller school

Children's sports club Tirol

You can relax at the resort while your child is under the supervision of experienced teachers, gaining new knowledge and pleasant experiences in the company of peers.

Children's sports club Tirol, offers its guests various programs of the children's school, lasting from 1 to 7 hours.

Each program includes a variety of master classes, children's yoga, fun Hiking, Biking, climbing wall and roller in high school, various sports activities and quests. The organization of child nutrition, extension of time spent in the club and organization of individual classes in advance. Classes for children are held outdoors and in the clubhouse, at the level of 540м and +960 m.

All our children's programs focused on the safe, all-round and harmonious development of children from 4 to 14 years.


The Gorky Gorod resort and the company "Yug-Kvadro" I invite everyone to take part in an exciting trip around the reserves of the Safari on Quad bikes or buggies in Krasnaya Polyana. Safari includes visits to different places of the Sochi National Park and is 30 minutes to 5 hours.

Guests have the opportunity to control the ATV (in the presence of driving license of the corresponding category) or ride in the passenger seat for an instructor. The route starts at the level of 960 m of the Upper city.


Route "Sightseeing Gorky Gorod 960"

Duration: 30 minutes
The start of the route: +960 m

A tour of the Upper town of the resort.

The route "Russian trampolines"

Duration: 2 hours
The start of the route: +960 m

The route length of 12 km and the Route passes through woodland relict forests. Moving on the route you can see a view of the Caucasus mountains, the gorge of the Mzymta river and at one of the viewpoints you can admire the village of Krasnaya Polyana. At the final stop you will see views of the Olympic facility "Russian jumps".

Route -"Waterfall Of Policare"

Duration: 3 hours
The start of the route: +960 m

The route length of 35 km and the Route is very complicated and extreme, a lot of steep descents climbs, mud and water obstacles, but the scenery was worth it, pictures of colors that you will see along the route – impressive. A bonus of this trip is Palikara Waterfall — the highest waterfall in Sochi.

The route of the "Mountain Safari"

Duration: 1 hour
The start of the route: +960 m

The route passes at the foot of the Aibga mountain. You will see panoramic mountain scenery and you can swim in the clear mountain streams and reservoirs, which are surrounded by thickets of tall ferns, and relic forest.


Buying tours or taking in rent a Quad bike, you need to remember basic safety rules in the handling of the vehicle. This is especially important for beginners.

It is recommended that sports clothing and comfortable closed shoes. Bring your camera and water.


Read more by phones: +7 918 27-47-111; +7 928 27-47-111.

Emergency: +7 928 294-17-12

Prices on ATV tours in Krasnaya Polyana

Title tours and


The cost of riding


One on

one ATV

Together on one ATV


Tour "Mountain Safari"

1hour Catania





Tour "Russian trampolines"

2 hours driving





Tour "Waterfall Of Palikaria"

2.5-3 hours driving





"VIP – tour"





Before choosing a tour, be sure to call the Manager and confirm the availability of the ATV to the desired time.

The price includes:

  • Medical insurance;
  • Test drive (without exception).
  • The instructor's work (coaching, training, support);
  • Rental equipment (helmet);
  • Rent ATV (fuel at the time of hire);

Additional services:

Insurance ATV:

  • Insurance is paid separately from the rental vehicle, at the request of the tenant, the cost of insurance 500₽, for a piece of equipment up to 2 hours of riding, more than two hours of riding 1000₽.
  • In the absence of insurance, the lessee shall bear full responsibility for the integrity of the leased equipment.
  • When you rent a ATV, together with the driving instructor on one ATV, then insurance is not required if the instructor driving.

Rental equipment in rainy weather:

  • Raincoat from water, wind and dirt cost 300₽.
  • Protective clothing against water, wind and dirt - the cost of the kit 500₽,

separately: jacket - 300₽, pants - 300₽, glasses - 500₽, boots - 500₽.

  • Professional brand safety helmet - 500₽.
  • Professional brand goggles - 300₽.

Rent action camera (photo and video) - 500₽/hour.


  • The staff of the South-Quad, reserves the right to refuse service to rent ATV to persons in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, and also with signs of inappropriate behavior.
  • Company South-Kvadro, reserves the right to transfer the date and time of the lease, in connection with natural disasters, road congestion and technical breakdowns of vehicles.
  • No person under the age of 18, and girls and women control is permitted only in conjunction with the instructor driving in a single seater or with a male under the age of 18 trained and test drive on the ATV.
  • Men, not having done a test drive, the office is permitted only in conjunction with the driving instructor on the same ATV.
  • A woman with a child on one ATV to the management - are not allowed.
  • ATV 2-seater, three on the same ATV riding is prohibited.
  • While operating the ATV, the tenant is aware that failure to comply with safety regulations and speed limits can lead to injuries of varying degrees.
  • While riding a rented ATV, you need to know about the possible risks: damage, loss of personal belongings, injuries various degrees of injury. You voluntarily agree to assume all the above risks that could result from a fall, a collision, while riding a rented ATV.


E-bikes allow you to go for long walks in picturesque places of Krasnaya Polyana not only trained athletes, but fans. Electro pitbike good for outdoor walks as on normal dirt roads, and pretty extreme trails. To ride them will be able and experienced cyclists and beginners. And thanks to the electric motor, you can use this bike for excursions and long walks on regular bikes require a great physical training.

At our resort, the two companies organize tours on electric bicycles: Tirol club, Cube, Electro Bike Tours.

Tirol club

Tirol club organises tours to electro perbaikan unique places of Krasnaya Polyana. The electric bike is a combination a classic bike and acceleration, which gives the motor. It will give you extraordinary ease while riding.

On electric bikes you can go up with the same effort as if you were driving on a flat surface.

Sightseeing tours in Krasnaya Polyana

Excursion to dolmens (old Estonian road)

The route to the dolmens of the Achishkho starts from the village of esto-Sadok. Simple slopes are ideal for electric bike. The trees throughout the road provide comfort on hot, Sunny days. The route passes above the village of Krasnaya Polyana, so you will experience stunning scenery. The road gradually turns in climbing the forest trail along the river Beshenka, which leads to dalmannia complex of six dolmens. Here you will feel a thousand years of history and the power of the mysterious structures. The route length of 15km or 2.5-3 hours. Powerful electric bikes will make your walk easy and exciting, it will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the mountain nature.

Excursion to the Narzan source

The tour is designed for guests of all skill levels. The length is about 15km, that the capabilities of our e-bike will take about 1 hour one way. The route is laid along the Mzymta river in the shade of relict trees. Along the way you will be able to take pictures on the picturesque background of turbulent rapids and steep cliffs. In the final route you get to the Narzan mineral spring carbonated water bubbling from the ground in natural conditions of nature. You must have a passport, a headdress from the sun.


Detail from the administrator by phone +7 938 865-93-93

Cube Electro Bike Tours

This season we have opened our rental bikes Cube Electro Bike Tours. Bike with electric motor you can go on a tour of the territory of the Caucasian Biosphere reserve and see the beautiful sights of Krasnaya Polyana! Mountain rivers and waterfalls, gorges, moss-covered, thermal springs, viewing deck with amazing views, abandoned trails and roads – all this and more awaits guests of the resort on specially selected routes.

In the list of routes with many interesting and safe tours of different duration and difficulty levels. Accompanied by an experienced velogida can be organized as private tour and travel in groups. This is a great opportunity to combine active recreation and sightseeing. Built-in electric motor bike easy to ride uphill, almost not noticing the slope, breaking the roads and getting to places where even walking is not easy.

Especially for families with children in the rental elektronikov there are children's velocista to the little guests of the resort who also traveled with adults. Children from 7 years can go on tour on their own children's bike!

The cost and duration of the routes, RUB.




In the group



Mountain plunge pool on the river Beshenka

6 000

4 000

2.5 h


Journey to the valley of the river pslukh

7 500

4 500

3 hours


Mount Nun and the Outlook of Ephraim

7 500

4 500

3 hours


Hmelevskie lake

9 000

6 800

5 h


Ahtsu gorge and a waterfall the Dragon's Mouth

9 000

6 800

5 h


Journey to the sea

11 500

9 500

6 hours


The Royal house of Nicholas II

5 000

3 000

2 hours

What you need to bring?

  • comfortable clothing and athletic shoes
  • a bottle of water
  • sunscreen
  • headdress


  • The lower city, +540 m near the main cable car
  • working hours: 09:00 h and 20:00 h
  • +7 938 400-06-56

More details about the service on the website