The resort "Gorki Gorod" has launched a recharge service, a ski pass online

Year-round resort "Gorky Gorod" launched the service of online recharge ski passes on its official website.

A ski pass is a plastic card, which recorded one of the available tariffs for the ski resort "Gorki Gorod". In order to Fund a ski pass, just enter the 23-digit number on the outside of a plastic card of the resort and pay for your order by credit card in the online store. Affordable daily rates for 1-3 days, as well as midday, evening and training rates for adults and children.

Now you don't have to buy ski passes at the box office, if you already have purchased one day ski pass in the resort.

The resort "Gorki Gorod" aims to simplify the service for its guests, using the latest digital technology.

The service launched in test mode since March 18, 2019. In case of detection of any malfunction please report it by phone 8-800-550-20-20.