Отмечаем 23 февраля
Отмечаем 23 февраля

Everything will start from 11.30 am. At this time, in the Upper town area for the little ones will be animators working under Boss YOB and his sidekick Sasquatch.

At noon begins the real "Men's exercise" and, of course, it is important to be most active. After all, the most active participant in the warm-up gets the prize!

12:30 start "a man's game"! The characters will be engaged in a tug of war, compete in arm wrestling. For the strongest – pull weights on record.

At 13:30 beginning of the performance cover band "Tank of the Bath." The team will lift everyone's spirits favorite and catchy songs to dance and party every!

Then – lottery, contests, and interactives from the master of the feast.

As we all remember, "the Coward does not play hockey". Therefore, only the most courageous defenders and even Midfielders will participate in the hockey tournament. The ten participating teams is to score a goal in gate of the rival giant stick.

After that the tournament will be held "a Running Deer". Teams of four will undergo a predetermined distance on a large inflatable reindeer. Win the fastest! To end the celebration with music and dancing from the "Bath Tank" and DJ-set.