Walking in the mountains +2200 m


Прогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 м
Прогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 мПрогулка в горах +2200 м




The journey to the mountains by cable car is one of the most exciting excursions in the summer in Sochi. To see the protected areas with Alpine meadows, relic forests and mountain peaks while walking ascent on the cable car and from the viewing platforms.

The cable car is sports-a tourist complex "Gorky Gorod" gondola and chair types fit perfectly into the natural landscape of the Northern slope of the Aibga ridge. In the summer season of 2018 has 9 lifts. The rise allows you to be in the heart of the Caucasus mountains and see the natural beauty of a national Park.

The average duration of rise for each of the sections of the cable car is 10-15 minutes. The maximum length of a path from the starting area up to the farthest point is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Interactive map of the resort.

Description of eco paths, you can pass absolutely free. You only pay for the lift on the cable car.

How to buy a ticket for the cable car?

Pass you can always purchased at the ticket office of the resort +540 m and 960 m, as well as in online store. All rates on ski passes.

During the ascent on the cable car at our resort, you will:

Overcome distance more than 1.5 km

If you climb up to + 2200 m from the starting station of the Main cable car, the height difference will be 1660 m. It is this distance you will travel through the air.

See the unique relict nature

Doing a guided climb, you can feel the change of four climatic zones with changes of vegetation – from subtropical to Alpine.

The lower part of the slopes of the mountains (500-600m) are covered with a relict Colchis forests, mainly broad-leaved deciduous trees: chestnut, Georgian oak, beech, hornbeam, alder. In June, during the flowering period, mountain slopes covered with white carpet of blooming chestnuts.

Climbing higher, you will notice a change chestnut-oak thickets of the beech trees. At +1600m deciduous forests pass in conifers. Here grows the Caucasian fir. The aroma of the air in the fir woods, especially fresh and unique.

With the elevation the forest thins and gives way to the Caucasian rhododendron and flowering high-grass subalpine meadows. This Kingdom is the most valuable herbs and flowers. Here you can meet ancient plants such as Aconite cream, pink astrantia, white anemones and blue gentians, forget-me-nots, yellow lilies, and many others.

Above the subalpine meadows on the altitude +2000-2500m starts Alpine low-grass meadows. The abundance of ultraviolet light, moisture, clean air, meadows filled with a special energy and vitality.

And, by the way, rising, look down, the support poles cable car-strewn thickets BlackBerry – large, juicy berries can be seen even from a height.

Another amazing meeting may be familiarity with the mountain goats and chamois tours.

Learn more about the elves

Perhaps the most mysterious and beautiful plant of the Caucasus mountains – red rhododendron. About this shrub tells the mythical legend. One day in bad weather rhododendron hid under their sheets of elves who refused to help the other plants that are already hidden other creatures and animals. In gratitude for the kindness elves gave Bush the opportunity of such a beautiful blossom, and made the blossoms are poisonous, so no one could spoil their charm.

Admire the carpet of white rhododendrons can be, up to a height of +2200m and descending into the zone "Circus-2".

Restore vitality

At a height of 2050m in the area of "Circus-2" is a small chapel, opened in Day of memory of the Holy martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and their mother Sofia. The chapel is a symbol of courage and strength of spirit, sincere faith, not leaving the hope and pure love. Symbolic and the construction of the chapel. The beauty of the mountains of the Sochi black sea coast returns us to the primordial nature and represents her Union with the man.

The chapel set in a natural bowl between the two peaks. Since ancient times, these meadows were places of shelter for shepherds and hunters. Once there flowed a stream about the medicinal properties of which was known to the mountain residents. Here the valley of the river Mzymta rose men from the tribe Iboga to restore vitality and to look to heaven. About the healing source knew and the Greek settlers who came to these places in the XIX century.

In the middle of the last century due to climatic changes, the stream went underground and only now after more than 50 years, the residents of Krasnaya Polyana found it again, blessed water and put it next to the chapel.


The uniqueness of our resort lies in the fact that it is designed for almost all categories of tourists. We don't just want that every guest can find exactly the type of vacation sought, arriving at the resort. Our main goal is an endless surprise and joy of all tourists, regardless of season, age, Hobbies, physical fitness and expectations.

The mountains can surprise you at any time of the year, and our team will ensure the safety, leisure and make your vacation as pleasant as possible. All year round we welcome visitors and winter is a special time. This season skiers and snowboarders, romantics and artists, fans of winter landscapes and crystal mountain air.

We want to show the beauty of the winter mountains to all guests! Therefore, we offer sightseeing excursions in the cosy cabins of the cableway to the level 2200 above sea level. It is not obligatory to be a fan of winter sports. Snow tale can get every! Throughout the winter season the cable car year-round resort "Gorky Gorod" is waiting for you!

No matter what the weather in the Lower city. Height +540м can meet you in the rain and the complete lack of snow. But a ski pass in the winter – it gets you into a Wonderland! Dress warmly and climb up the hill. Here you will discover the snow-covered slopes and peaks, the delight of meeting with winter, hot mulled wine and the fun, colorful life of the ski resort in the midst of the high season.