Wellness in mountains

“Gorky Gorod” is a unique Russian all-season resort where people come from all over the world, not only to actively spend their holidays, but also to recover and strengthen their health. Together with medical center Chandelle we are starting the sale of offers called “Health care in the mountains: Our resort is situated on the territory of well preserved Caucasus national park, in a unique location that was formed on the basis of combination of mountain

sea climates, and is distinguished by it’s crystal clean air, and breathtaking views. Density of mountain air is much lower than it is at the plain area, which makes it possible for the sunrays to neutralize the harmful microorganisms and makes the air much cleaner. Content of oxygen in the mountain air is also lower, and it helps to activate the work of breathing, neurovascular, and nervous systems. Bone marrow is being stimulated, immune system and your working ability strenghthens.


Mountain air is beneficial for people with:

  • high blood pressure
  •  ischemia
  • bronchial asthma
  •  bronchitis
  • stomach and dodecadactylon ulcer

Observing the high mountain views is also recommended by psychologists, especially for those who are suffering from the everyday life stresses, and helps you to get in touch with nature. Also, if you combine passive observation with active hiking down the ecological mountain paths, this would help your endurance level, and strengthen your skeletal bones.

Health Care programs

For guests that would like to combine active rest with relaxing health procedures, we have prepared special offers that include various health care programs. Latest medical equipment and experience in recovery medicine allows our certified specialists of our medical center Chandelle use the complex approach to solve our client’s health problems.

You can choose one of the following programs:

- “Weight loss”

- “Detox”

- “Facial rejuvenation”

- “Anti-stress”

- “Healthy heart”

- “Supporting-motor apparatus”

- “Healthy child”

-“ Free breathing”


Those programs will include daily transfer to the sea shore (until October 1st). You will get a chance to enjoy the mellow season on our own resort beach in the Olympic Park.

You can choose any type of accommodation, in the hotel with breakfast included, or in the apartment with 3 times a day meal.


Scope of service (for 1 person):

* Accommodations in the hotel or apartment (5 days or more).

* Taking part in our 1st health care program of your choice.

* 3 time a day meal in Kazan restaurant for those staying in the apartments/ breakfast for the ones staying in the hotel.

* Daily transfer to the Olympic park beach (round trip).

* Daily trip on the cable-road to the altitude of +960 m



We’d like to offer you unique services on your immune system recovery, preserving youth and beauty in a natural way, with 100 % natural aetherial oil, essential oil, herbal mixtures and aroma cosmetics.


Various programs:

* Pregnant and nursing women

* Newly born

* Women’s health

* Men’s health

* Weight loss and figure correction

* Cosmetology

* Trichology

* Aroma design

* Sacral aromatherapy

* Individual cosmetic prescription department


Aromacenter’s telephone: 8 988 156 4643


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Accommodation in apartment-hotels in Gorky Gorod. + 540m

The complex is well-equipped apartments with a layout from 1 to 5 bedrooms, located in the Lower Town height 540 meters above sea level.

Accommodation at Hotel +960m Gornaya Str, 11

Hotel +960m Gornaya Str, 11 is located on the sunny hillside (upper town) surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges of the Caucasus Mountains. From the windows of 120 stylish, modern rooms offer magnificent scenery. The design combines elegance and fashion trends, comfort and modern technical amenities.