Resort Introduction

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The year-round mountain resort Gorky Gorod is located in Sochi on Greater Caucasus Mountain Range foothills in the territory of famed place Krasnaya Polyana. High level of services, architectural sophistication and picturesque landscapes of the nature reserve attract hundreds of thousands tourists from all round the world every year.

Project Background

Though the resort is young, our company is more than 15 years. Long before the Olympic Games Krasnodar Territory Government and some group of private investors set up a project on establishment and development of the ski resort Gornaya Karousel.

When it became known that the 2014 Winter Olympic Games would be held in Sochi, our company undertook an important mission to build the media village on the resort. It was here where media personnel were living and reporting to the whole world about biathlon, bobsleigh, freestyle and ski jumping competitions. It was here where the center of sports and cultural life of the Olympics mountain cluster was located.

Project siting was not a fluke. Then, as now Sports and Tourist Complex Gornaya Karousel is the largest ski resort in Krasnaya Polyana. Only its territory had an opportunity to construct buildings with a total area of ​​almost 600 thousand square meters and provide accommodation in almost 3 thousand rooms to the Olympics participants.

So in 2010 the project Gorky Gorod successfully passed the state examination and received a building permit.

During development of the project overlay it was explored background of the best European resorts.   French architect Pierre Diener, who became famous by designing ski facilities of Courchevel, had advisory capacity.

It is important to note that Gorky Gorod is one of the first green building projects in Russia. It was certified by the British environmental standard BREEM. The authors took care of the environment and local architectural context.

  • Commencement of construction: 2010 (The year-round mountain resort Gorky Gorod)
  • Objective of construction: foundation of media village for XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games 2014, sport and cultural center of Olympics mountain cluster
  • Resort total area: 863,7 hectares from +540 m to +2200 m above sea level


Today Gorky Gorod is not just a ski resort. It’s a city with complete infrastructure, where hundreds of thousands tourists from all Russia and all round the world rest throughout the year. For this reason our full name sounds like the year-round mountain resort Gorky Gorod.

In general infrastructure of Gorki Gorod is located on four levels: +540 m – Lower Town, + 960m – Upper Town, + 1500 m and +2200 m – cable lifts, ski slopes, excursion objects and routes. The highest slope is Chyornaya Piramida on the top of +2340 m above sea level.

Lower Town and Upper Town are connected by auto-road and cable lift.

The resort affords to provide services to 10 thousand people simultaneously. We offer restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, shops, shopping and leisure centre, indoor water park with sandy beach, cinema, bowling, billiards, sports schools, children's clubs and gardens. We also have SPA-centers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gyms, beauty salons and a medical center.

We provide accommodation in 11 hotels and apartments with the total capacity of 3070 rooms. The bedspace of our hotels and apartments is 6,5 thousand people on the assumption of simultaneous accommodation. Except for apartments and our own chain Gorki we are working with such famous brands as Rixos and Marriott.

  • Altitude: +540 m, + 960 m, +1500 m and +2200 m above sea level
  • Tourist capacity: 10 000 people per day
  • Catering & Leisure Section: 16 restaurants, 26 cafes и bars, 2 nightclubs
  • Shopping: shopping center Gorki Gorod Mall, outlets
  • Entertainment: indoor water park with sandy beach, cinema, bowling, billiards
  • Wellness: SPA centers, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness centers, health care center
  • Child facilities: mini clubs and kindergartens

 Lower Town (+540 m)

Five-star hotel Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana, four-star hotel Gorki Plaza and Apartments Gorki Gorod 540 with a total capacity of 2000 rooms are located at a height of + 540 m above sea level.

Here you can find the shopping center Gorki Gorod Mall, the multifunctional entertainment center (in the past the media center), sports facilities, fair, the water park and playgrounds.

The mountain river Mzymta stretches along the resort. Its promenade with recreational and wide pedestrian areas is perfect for walks.

Our cable lift stars at a height of + 540 m. This part of the city can be called active and democratic.


  • Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana – 428 rooms
  • Gorki Plaza – 204 rooms
  • Apartments Gorki Gorod +540 – 1368 rooms


Upper Town (+960 m)

Upper Town at a height of +960 m is more suitable for calm and private rest. Its architecture is more aristocratic and resembles resort towns in Italy, Spain or South France.

Here you can find hotels with wide territory, townhouses and chalets. They are Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi, Gorky Hotel (ex. Solis Sochi Hotel), Gorky Hotel & Suites (ex. Solis Sochi Suites), Dolina 960, Gorki Panorama, Gorki Art, Gorki Grand, Apartments Gorki Gorod +960 with a total capacity of 1070 rooms.

Hotels have their own exits in the skiing area and on the main square the cable lift station is located. Upper Town offers restaurants, bars and cafes, places for running sporting and cultural events. 

  • Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi – 114 rooms
  • Gorky Hotel (ex. Solis Sochi Hotel) – 120 rooms
  • Gorky Hotel & Suites (ex. Solis Sochi Suites) – 52 rooms
  • Dolina 960  – 48 rooms
  • Gorki Panorama – 302 rooms
  • Gorki Art – 166 rooms
  • Gorki Grand – 194 rooms
  • Apartments Gorki Gorod +960 – 74 rooms Corporate Centre Sberbank – 47 rooms


In consequence of special arrangement of mountains, our resort has the longest ski season - from December to May. In winter we offer 30 km of slopes of different difficulty levels, illuminate slopes for night skiing and slopes with artificial snowing. Also we have 11 gondola and chair lifts with through-put 2400 people per hour (the largest capacity in our country).

The resort run skiing schools, skiing mini club and ski accessories hires.

We pay close attention to security: we have the most skilled personnel of the search and rescue service, start to prepare and test our cable lifts in June.

  • Ski slopes of different difficulty levels from green to black (total length – 30 km from + 2300 to + 960 meters)
  • Illuminate slopes (3,1 km, evening skiing from +1500 to + 960 meters)
  • Slopes with artificial snowing (4,9 km from + 1500 м to + 960 meters, 70 snow production cannon)
  • Cable lifts (11 gondola and chair lifts with through-put 2400 people per hour)
  • Optional services: 3 skiing schools, 1 skiing mini club, 5 ski accessories hire


We offer mountains activities both in winter and summer. For example, our resort has the only complex of slopes for downhill mountain biking in Krasnaya Polyana - Gorky Bike Park. We have wooden and dirt pump tracks, wooden skill park to set up mountain bike skills.

Also we offer hiking roots of different difficulty levels and sightseeing ascension by cable lifts to + 2300 m above sea level.

The whole family can visit Adventure Park in altitude +1500 m above sea level with separate child route. Among other activities there are quad biking, rafting and yoga in mountains/

You can use the bicycle, scooters and segway rental services or services of roller school.

We are a part of the group of companies, which has infrastructure in Imereti lowland. This fact gives us an opportunity to organize for our guests the rest in mountains and on the seacoast. In summer season we provide shuttles to the private beach several times a day.

  • Gorki Bike Park (downhill routes at height +1000 meters)
  • Wooden and dirt pump tracks, wooden skill park (to set up mountain bike skills)
  • Hiking roots of different difficulty levels (from +2300 to +960 meters above sea level)
  • Sightseeing ascension by cable lifts (to +2300 meters above sea level)
  • Adventure Park in altitude +1500 meters above sea level (with child route)
  • Other activities: quad biking, rafting, yoga in mountains
  • Optional services: city and mountain bike hire, scooter and segway hire, roller school
  • Own beach on the seacoast (with transfer service)

Other options

The infrastructure of our city allows us to serve large groups, as well as corporate clients. We are ready to provide everything necessary for various M.I.C.E. events. We have 11 convention halls и meeting rooms, 19 banquet rooms and verandas.

Also we offer wedding service packages and individual programs of V.I.P. services with accommodation in deluxe hotels.

  • M.I.C.Е.: 11 convention halls и meeting rooms
  • Weddings and banquets: 19 banquet rooms and verandas, wedding service packages
  • V.I.P.: individual programs of services and accommodation in deluxe hotels
  • Entertainment centre: casino


Welcome to Gorky Gorod!