At our resort you can rent complete equipment for skiing, snowboarding, the latest models in excellent condition.

Rent ski equipment on elev. +540м. For the convenience of guests staying at elevation. +960 m, additional organized point of hire, located in the heart of the Upper town. All buildings are equipped with comfortable cabins for changing rooms and individual cells, where the riding time you can leave personal belongings.

All skis and snowboards that are available in the office, are updated every year and you will be able to test the latest models from leading manufacturers. The range of products include a full range of sizes, including baby gear for 3-years.

Available are:

  • ski,
  • ski boots,
  • stick
  • snowboards,
  • snowboard boots,
  • protection kits (helmet, mask),
  • skis for SKI-tour.

We are delighted to offer the model of the category "exclusive", such as snowboarding dovetail, monoskis, skis for off-piste (freeride) skis for Park skiing Twintip.

It is important to choose ski equipment correctly, because it affects your safety while riding. To make the selection will help our experienced consultants, because any element and protective gear will perfectly fulfill its function only if it is properly matched in size. Please be sure to wear a helmet, it will protect your head from bumps. For safe riding rentals can also be purchased special equipment: backpacks, avalanche sensors, etc.

A diverse selection of equipment to hire you can come to rest completely "light" and not to think that something is missing from the necessary equipment. We'll help make your ski vacation a truly pleasant and safe.