Ski touring is a passing mountain routes on special skis, overcoming passes and summits and the subsequent descent over the snow. Thanks sicuro you can get on these mountain slopes, which can be reached only by helicopter. You will see a beautiful and rarely visited places of Krasnaya Polyana. Imagine snow-capped mountains, absolute silence, snow, sparkling in the sun, a pleasant tiredness at the end of the day. You will get an incomparable feeling of lifting up and sliding down.

For organization travel rentals resort available special equipment. For a skiing tour uses a lightweight downhill skis with bindings, adapted for walking (removable heel), which give the opportunity to feel truly free on the slopes. Splitboard or a snowboard, consisting of two parts. Each half is a ski with a mount that secures the toe and leave the heel free.

This type of holiday will suit people with medium levels, they will easily be able to overcome the suggested routes of varying difficulty.

The snowshoes

Also our guests can take a fascinating journey through a winter eco-trails equip snowshoes. The winter trails requires physical fitness, knowledge of the behavior and experience of being in the mountains. In good weather you can walk in Alpine meadows, which is located at a height of +2200 m In the ski season there are almost no tourists and you can relax from the city fuss and to enjoy the winter landscape.

Snow-Shoe hike in the winter woods is like a journey into another reality. For organization, you'll need snowshoes, which are used as the primary gear for ascents and descents in the mountains. Snowshoe may go anywhere and almost in a straight line. Necessary equipment for trekking can be rented from the resort. This kind of rest is a great addition to your winter adventure.

The venue offers day and multi-day hikes. Accompany guests always ready qualified guides Tirol club.