Журналисты из пресс-центра ЧМ 2018 побывали в горах Сочи
Журналисты из пресс-центра ЧМ 2018 побывали в горах Сочи

Journalists from the press centre world Cup 2018 visited the mountains of Sochi

On 9 July and all-season mountain resort "Gorky Gorod" has taken the special guests – media representatives, who worked on coverage of the world Cup in the City press centre of Sochi. In the part of the press tour in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana was visited by about 30 regional, national and foreign journalists.

Excursion "Gorki Gorod" and the sky Park has become one of the final activities for the media, which was organized in the City press centre of Sochi. Match the period of the world Cup in 2018 at the stadium "Fisht" is completed, and that evening most of the Federal and international Newspapers left Sochi. However, City press center will continue its work until July 16, 2018 – journalists will take part in several press conferences and a final sightseeing tour of the city of Sochi.

Recall that the City press centre of Sochi was opened to the media July 13, the day before the opening of the world Cup, in the Olympic Park, in the building of Sochi Autodrom. The opening was held with participation of the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev and the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov.

The press center is designed for simultaneous operation of up to 120 journalists. Here equipped working places with computers and high-speed Internet, a hall for press conferences, press café. All days of work of the press center, he was very popular among the journalists covering the stages of the world Cup FIFA 2018. Access to the press centre had all the journalists, but first and foremost it was organized for media representatives who have not received formal accreditation by FIFA. They told their viewers, listeners and readers are interested in "football-related" stories related to the city of Sochi.

At 35 days of work of the centre are planned over 40 press events, including teleconferences with 10 cities-organizers of the world Cup with the participation of Federal, regional and local speakers. There are presentations of tourism opportunities of the resorts of the Krasnodar territory. In the press center for journalists organized daily tastings of production of the enterprises of Krasnodar region and Sochi city, free coffee breaks and interesting workshops. Also media representatives have the opportunity to relax, visiting the historical part of the city, Krasnaya Polyana and the highest available for a visit to its peak is a Black Pyramid at the resort "Gorki Gorod" (elev. +2375м). Thus, in the municipal press center, where journalists get a lot of useful information, but also can get acquainted with the hospitality of the city of Sochi.


In the period of holding matches of world football Championship FIFA 2018 Urban services of the press center of Sochi took about 400 journalists not only from Russia, but also Spain, Germany, Sweden, Uruguay, UK, USA, Ethiopia, Portugal, Peru, France and other countries. Its work a press-the centre will complete the 16 July 2018.