Zipline Fly Gorky


Мегазиплайн Gorky FlyМегазиплайн Gorky FlyМегазиплайн Gorky Fly
Мегазиплайн Gorky FlyМегазиплайн Gorky FlyМегазиплайн Gorky Fly

Highest and longest zipline Russia

A new breathtaking attraction with a length of 1027 meters Gorky Fly open at the resort on may 1 at an altitude of over 2 000 meters above sea level. For Gorky Fly specially imported Austrian equipment installed on the most famous analogues in the world, including the Dubai X line Dubai.

Start fresh megasplay is located at the highest point of the resort "Gorki Gorod" - on top of the Black Pyramid of the mountain Aibga at an altitude of 2300 m. Finishes zip line at a height of 2180 m, near the upper station of the cableway "Top" (K-3). Flying at a speed of 80 km/hour over a mountain valley, guests can enjoy a fantastic panorama of the Caucasus mountains.


The zipline is an amazing game, perfect suitable for all the family to ride can ride adults and children from 10 years. Prior to the completion of the ski season may 12 zipline is open to skiers and snowboarders, then – for everyone.


The ticket price is 1 000 ₽. Can be purchased at the box office at the start zipline on the top of Black Pyramid at a height of 2300 m.

Rules of visiting zipline

  • Age - 10 years.
  • Weight – from 40 to 115 kg.

Restrictions: diseases of the cardiovascular system and spine.


Equipment for zipline was purchased from the Austrian company outdoor concept. The same equipment is used at the most famous building using zip lines in the world, including the Dubai X Dubai line. Founder and CEO of this company, Mr. Philip Strasser, and several times personally visited Sochi, the resort "Gorky Gorod" for inspection and equipment set-up. Specialists of the company outdoor concept under the guidance of Mr. Michael Katzler training our staff to the highest international standards with the subsequent issuance of identity certificates.


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